Pet Sitting

If you are like me and your pets are your babies or best friends the thought of having to send them off to a cattery or boarding kennel when you go away is stressful and can take the shine off your well-deserved holiday.

With The Cats Pyjamas Pet Minding your favourite furry friends can be cared for in the comfort and security of their own homes, reducing their stress (and yours!). This is particularly important for our feline and nervous canine friends.

I have completed a Certificate III in Companion Animal Care and am experienced in medicating animals and caring for senior pets. (Mine range in age from 7 to 15 years old but I have many kitty clients in their mid to late teens)

I can also take care of those little chores like collecting the mail, putting out the bins, watering the plants etc.

Specialist “Non-Sedating” Cat Grooming

“Why does a cat need grooming, don’t they clean themselves?”

That is the common perception and I even thought that way for a long time, until I saw the benefits of regular grooming on all types of cats. Most people think of Cat Grooming as being for long haired cats and involving clipping a cat into a Lion Cut but there are a lot more things that can be done to help your kitty (short, long or no hair) with a variety of issues.

A regular Bath & Blow Drying can help

  • Reduce the amount of hair floating around the house
  • Reduce the number of kittys fur balls
  • Improve/eliminate matting
  • Improve/eliminate dandruff

There are also different clips which can help with matting and soiling issues which aren’t as obvious (or traumatic for the cat) as a Lion Cut

  • Sanitary Trim – trims an area from the genitals and up across the tummy between the legs. Helps with with staining etc
  • 1/2 Belly Trim – includes a Sanitary Trim but carries the clip up to the belly button (Yes cats have belly buttons! Its really cool when you see them)
  • Full Belly Trim – same as 1/2 Belly but carries the clip up to the armpit level. Great if you cat gets dirty or matted in this area only as it’s not as obvious as a Comb Cut or Lion Cut
  • Toe Tuft Trim – trims the hair from the bottom of the feet (over the pads only). Great for stopping litter etc getting stuck in the hair
  • Ruff Trim – trims the hair around the Ruff of the cat to stop it getting soiled from food or water. Also great if matting is a problem in this area (I know from personal experience as this is where my Persian gets dirty and mats if I don’t take care of it).
  • And last but not least (& what I use for my Persian) is the Comb Cut – basically the same shape as a Lion Cut i.e. leaves the ruff, feet and tail long, but instead of clipping the fur down to the skin it is clipped to about 1/2 cm long. It looks a lot nicer and feels a lot nicer for you and the cat.

And then there are Nail Caps (Soft Paws or Soft Claws). These are basically an acrylic cap that can be fitted over your cats clipped nails. It doesn’t stop the nail from growing and doesn’t stop them from retracting their claws but it DOES protect your furniture and little-ies from their nails. Any cat owner knows that even if you clip their claws regularly they can still do some damage if they want to.

“Why not just get them a scratching post?” I hear you ask (yes I am psychic). I am a big fan of scratching posts etc and for most cats these will solve the problem but there are some cats out there (& I have one called Lyssa) who will just scratch where they are lying at any given moment AS WELL as using the scratcher. As a cat owner some level of destruction comes with the territory but if there is another tool (that won’t harm the cat) to improve the problem then why not use it.

Nail Caps were developed by vets in the US as an alternative to de-clawing which, I am extremely happy to say, is illegal in Australia. It is an extremely cruel practice.

NB A big disclaimer on nail caps is that they should never be used on cats that have access outside (other than an enclosure) as they won’t be able to defend themselves from other cats etc if their claws are covered.


The Cats Pyjamas is reliable, insured & flexible but, most importantly, I care about your pets as if they were my own.

I am happy to tailor a package to suit you and your pets’ needs so contact me now for a free quote.